Online registration and administration for school childcare

Successful communication

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How does communication with SKiB work?

With SKiB, parents and guardians are always informed immediately about news via our satchel post. The satchel post is sent to parents by e-mail by the carriers. In this way, they are always informed about measures taken in the care of their child. Distribution lists are easily created for circulars. These can be created for different schools and school years according to requirements. For example, a particular school can be selected and the message can be sent to everyone who is registered for school child care. This saves a lot of time and nobody is forgotten.

News can be displayed on the city's homepage. 

Here, parents or guardians can also inform themselves about changes or upcoming dates.

When registering for childcare, an e-mail is automatically sent to confirm the data. Likewise, the carrier will send the invoice, if desired, directly to the parents or guardians.

 Of course we have taken care that all this is done in accordance with DSGVO.

Here you will find an overview of the most important advantages for communicating with SKiB:

  • Satchel mail by e-mail 
  • Creation of distribution lists for schools and school year 
  • News on the start page of the city 
  • Automatic e-mail dispatch on registration / invoice 
  • DSGVO compliant

School childcare is available in the following cities

Stadt Lörrach

Stadt Lörrach

Stadt Schorndorf

Stadt Schorndorf


We are happy to advise cities individually on the implementation of their school childcare:

+49 07621-9515700

Parents and guardians are welcome to contact the organisations providing care.